On-Demand Webinar

DEMO HOUR: Leveraging Tech to Hire, Develop & Engage Non PMET Workforce | ArcLab | Findjobs | HRiQ

Organised by hrtech.sg & powered by RChilli, this event provides a platform for HR Technology providers to showcase their hi-tech solutions, thereby aiding the acceleration of adoption of HRTech. And the event motto has been only to showcase demos, and not presentations.

In this edition, we showcased tools that can be Leveraged to Hire, Develop and Engage the Non-PMET workforce (blue-collared workforce.)

ArcLab helps organisations to create effective training for employees to access on their mobile devices. No Coding. No Mobile App. No Fuss.

Findjobs is a job portal that promotes inclusive hiring, as well as a Smart Kiosk curated for offline jobseekers to browse jobs and apply easily.

HRi is an all-inclusive customized HR Software that caters to your unique organizational needs with a single suite service offering.