On-Demand Webinar

How AI Improves your Marketing


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In this webinar “How AI Improves your Marketing”, you will learn:

1- Why AI is important
AI creates better customer experience, improve decision-making, innovate products and services, achieve cost savings for businesses and boost productivity.

2- Application of AI in marketing

- More Effective Segmentation
AI makes it easier to create accurate segments based on customer data. Examples of these data are geographic, demographic, psychographic, and behavioral.

- Better SEO
More accurate display of search results based on search terms. AI-SEO tools provide businesses with the best search keywords and terms that are most relevant to them. This helps them create SEO optimized content.
AI-powered content tools provide you with the content that your audience is likely to engage with. They also create landing pages, social media posts, and emails that suit each individuals based on their interest.

- Targeted Product Recommendations
Customers get product recommendations and suggestions according to previous engagement patterns.
Netflix uses AI showing movies their customers may be interested in, based on their behavior and activities.

- Customer Retention
AI determines the likelihood of churn for each lead based on certain behaviors. Some behavior examples (stopped using the product for a while, inactive, low usage, etc…)
It also provides marketers with suitable messages for each lead to achieve maximum engagement and results.

- Customer Facial Recognition
Determining a person’s behavior and his enthusiasm to buy items and their quality based on facial recognition. Brand retailers scan their shoppers’ faces in order to identify suspicious characters and potential shoplifters.

- Smart Chat Bot
Automate conversations based on interest. Smarter appointment booking process. Lead routing based on sales rep performance.

3- AI features in VBOUT
- AI Powered Subject line
- Predictive Email Sending
- Email Content Generation AI

Our Upcoming Features
- Social Content Generation AI
- Sentiment Analysis in Social
- Emotional detection in Social
- Landing Page Content Generation
- Enrichment and meta-profiles

Our Future Plans
- Social Posting Time Recommendation
- Lead Churn Prediction
- Lead Conversion Prediction
- Predictive Automation
- Smart Segmentation
- Dynamic Pricing